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It is Rocket Science! High-speed blazing fast fiber Internet is launching all around. To get your neighborhood to become Giga Neighbors.

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CURRENT "HOT" AREA: moving quickly on achieving % goal. WILBUR, IN. 

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Installing Fiber Internet & Your Yard Gnome.

We aren't the new kids on the block. We understand the importance of respecting your yard. Since 2005 we've been installing fiber Internet with over 2,300 miles are already in operation. Experience means we know what to watch for when going through your yard.

While we make it look easier than it is, we are ready for the challenges. Your yard gnome is part of your home. We'll do our best to make Mr. Gnome feel right at home again.  

At Endeavor, we’re all about keeping things simple for our members. Let us become your local technology wizards. We'll leave the gnome displays to you.