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Telephone Service

Get crystal-clear telephone with the added security of 911 emergency calling. Enjoy  reliable voice transmission over a pristine fiber optic network with the added benefit of popular voicemail and call waiting features. Get peace-of-mind ensuring that 911 operators will find your location in the event of an emergency.

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Speed Geeks Internet Service

Whether downloading movies, searching for recipes online, watching streaming TV or uploading family pictures, our blazing gigabit speed internet makes it all happen fast. Best of all, our friendly experts will help you choose the internet speeds that are just right for you.

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Television Service

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of your easy chair! Never miss a program by recording your favorite network shows, movies and sports. Start a watching a program in one room and continue watching in another with Endeavor Whole Home DVR.

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E-SHIELD security systems provide maximum protection against burglars, smoke, fire and flooding. Arm and disarm your system remotely using your smartphone or other wireless device. E-SHIELD provides complete control of your thermostat, lights and door locks anywhere you have an internet or wi-fi connection with Honeywell Total Connect®.

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Areas where service is currently available.

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Spencer High-Speed Internet

8:58am April 9, 2018

Take Charge of your Internet

7:20pm April 5, 2018

Excellent Event at Goat Hollow!

8:17am March 19, 2018

Advantages of Fiber

7:34pm March 4, 2018

What are the advantages of fiber?
• The fastest Internet speeds in Indiana—up to 1 Gigabit download/upload speeds (that’s 1,000 Mbps!) 
• Connect multiple devices to the Internet without sacrificing speed
• Stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other online movies, TV shows and videos
• Boost your online gaming advantage by reducing lag time
• Highest quality and most reliable connection 
• Increased home values*

Goat Hollow Road

6:55pm March 4, 2018

Why Endeavor?

6:51pm March 4, 2018

The upside of going Fiber is that you can now afford to go "cable-less", and enjoy a blazing internet + add multiple Wi-Fi Media devices like Roku 4, Sony PSP, Dongles, throughout your home!

Customer Appreciation Breakfast

8:30pm February 20, 2018

Heritage Lake Area- The wait is over!

9:56am January 26, 2018

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9:53am January 26, 2018

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Heritage Lake Area are you Ready for Fast Internet Speeds and Incredible Customer Service? The Wait is Over! Give us a Call Today!

6:46pm January 21, 2018



The Snow may slow you down

1:27pm December 26, 2017

You may be slowing down this December, but never fear your internet speed definitely won't!

 Enjoy lightning fast, uncapped service with Endeavor Communications!

12 Days of Holiday Hams!

12:22pm December 8, 2017

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